Saturday, 3 November 2012


At the end of the PCI, our SS asked us to sign-off a PCI Checklist for items we identified during the inspection that needed fixing. We signed off on the document with a provision referring to a follow up email from us to our SS.

Following the PCI we sent an email to our SS highlighting issues that had been identified during the review including areas of the house that were not reviewed as work had not been done on them to an adequate standard. We also requested a copy of the checklist that we were asked to sign at the end of PCI. The checklist was not given to us by our SS on the day of the PCI - we were told that he would email a copy to us.

A week and several requests later, the checklist was still not made available to us. We were then told by our SS that this would be given to us on the day of hand-over and settlement. We said that that seemed unreasonable and really wasn't good enough given that we would not have adequate time to review it before moving in. It was also different to what we had been told and a lack of replies from our SS resulted in a phone call to his Manager. Within five minutes of that phone call we had a copy of the PCI list made available via email by the Manager. So why all the delaying by our SS?

We also forwarded to the Manager emails that had previously been sent to our SS to which he didn't provide adequate responses (actually, he didn't reply at all) and included that we will not be accepting the house unless we receive it in a standard we expect from Carlisle.

Resulting from the above we have had a "continuation" of the PCI scheduled with the Manager. This will be done later this week.

Here are a few pics from our first round of PCI:

Garage - definitely not ready for PCI

Alfresco - also not ready for PCI

Ceiling in need of paint around downlights. That's our SS in the shot

Entry and front door - also not ready for PCI

Another example of the workmanship

The Ensuite toilet, probably the smallest room in the house, had lots of defects that we marked up with red dots. If this is just the loo, imagine what the rest of the house was like!
Balcony - the seepholes in the bricks have been covered by the tiled skirting.

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  1. Hi there! Just wondering how it all ended for you? have they fixed everything before you moved in? Are you happy with your new house?