Saturday, 25 August 2012

Fixing stage complete

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 We received the fixing stage invoice two weeks after we received the lock up stage invoice. That means that there is only one 'stage' to go!

Looking at the house though, there are still lots of things that need to be done.

When we were walking through the house with our SS a couple of weeks ago, we saw a potential problem in the kitchen. The overhead cupboards that sit above the kitchen sink seemed to be too low, so the kitchen tapware we selected may not fit underneath it properly. This is something that the draughtsmen should have thought of, because we weren't able to get exact height measurements for the tap. We raised this with our SS and requested that the overhead cupboards be installed slightly higher (we were asking for 150mm) just to be sure that the tap would fit. He said that the cupboards had already been installed, so they couldn't do it.

We think it will be ok - there might only be a small gap between the cupboards and the tapware, but as long as it fits, that's fine. Fingers crossed.

At the start of the week we asked our SS for an update on where things were at, conscious that we only have one invoice to go, and things are still looking very much incomplete.

He said that the eaves were painted over the weekend, all of the outside work is done, so the scaffolding will be coming off during the week, the internal walls would be painted during the week, and all of the bathroom and kitchen vanities would be installed.

We went out to have a look yesterday. Luckily, some of the painters were there so we were able to get inside and take a look. We walked up our staircase for the first time and had a look upstairs.

Staircase - just needs to be stained.

Powder Room vanity and backing for mirror. The vanity will be entirely covered with Cesarstone in Jet Black.

Laundry cabinets.

The kitchen! In the foreground is the island bench, which will have Cesarstone in Organic White over it. At the back of the photo is the kitchen sink bench, with the window splashback and overhead cupboards. This is where the tapware will be, and we're hoping that there's enough space under the overhead cupboards for the tap.

On the right-hand side of the kitchen is the benchtop where the stove and oven will be.

Upstairs landing. We are standing in the upstairs lounge or 'activity room' looking towards the stairs. On the right of the photo is the entrance to Bedroom 2.

Ensuite vanity.

Bathroom vanity.

Staircase - looking from the front door.

Scaffolding removed - we can definitely get a better feel for what the house will look like now. All of the rendered areas and the balcony panels still need to be painted. The eaves are looking nice and white though.

Front of house from the right-hand side.

Close up of entrance area.

Rear view. We noticed a few cracked roof tiles which we will let our SS know about. 

Close up of rear and Alfresco extension. The backyard is a mess with discarded bricks and roof tiles. 

Side of house looking from the back. The brick colour has come out really nicely.

Noticeable items that are incomplete are:
  • All Cesarstone to be put in (kitchen, bathroom, ensuite, and powder room)
  • All toilets, sinks, and bathtubs to be put in
  • Glass splashback in kitchen
  • Power points and light swtiches haven't been pulled through
  • Flooring not done
  • Cornices, architraves, and skirting incomplete
  • Gutters incomplete
  • Rendered areas not painted (makes us wonder why they took all the scaffolding away)
  • Hardiplank at the rear not painted.
There are lots of other things, but this list should give you an idea of the larger items that still need to be completed.

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