Thursday, 6 September 2012

Not so locked up...

We had a great weekend!

We flew up to Sydney on Saturday morning to see a new born niece and her two year old brother. Very cute and a really worthwhile weekend. We made the most of our 24 hour trip.

We arrived back in Melbourne on Sunday afternoon, and it was a clear, sunny day, so it was still light when we left the airport.

We had planned to drive out to the house, knowing that there wouldn't be any tradies on site so we would only be able to see the outside of the house, take a few more photos, and then drive home.

Fortunately, we were wrong!

When we parked in front of the house we noticed a small sign by the front door so of course we had to investigate to see what it said!

The sign said something along the lines of 'wet tiles...' Our SS had told us a few weeks ago that the house would be completed about 4 weeks after tiling started, so seeing this sign meant that tiling had started and we were looking at moving in a lot earlier than we initially thought.

We decided to have a quick walk around the house and see what else had happened. The site had been cleaned up a bit and there was less rubble around so it was easier to get right around the house.

When we got around the back, we thought we'd try one of the sliding doors - and to our excitement, one of them was open! So of course, we had to go in...

What we saw inside got us both really excited. The kitchen was almost complete - all that was missing were the appliances, which are installed in the last week or so before handover, and the splashback. The Caesarstone had been put in, and all of the kitchen cabinets were done. We also noticed that the internal painting was almost complete, except fort he few areas where we arranged feature walls.

Oh and the other thing in the kitchen that excited us was the soft close drawers! We tried them all. Overall, we're glad that the colours and look we pictured in our minds work well in the actual kitchen.

We ventured on through the house. Tiles had been placed in the hallway from the front door to the main family area. The tiles are looking really good. We have chosen a very white paint for our walls, and were hoping that the tiles wouldn't also be too white. But they've come out really nice and break up the whiteness of the walls.

Caesarstone, basins, and vanities had also been completed in the Powder Room, Ensuite, and Bathroom. All of these rooms had also come out really well, and tiling had been laid here as well. We spotted boxes of tiles in the Theatre Room, and had a peak at our feature tiles for the Ensuite - shiny silver mosaic tiles. Can't wait to see what they look like on the wall.

There were a few things that we noticed that we'll need to follow up with our SS to make sure they are properly fixed up. The Theatre Room cavity sliding doors aren't flush when they close, there are a few gaps/holes at the cabinet joints which will need to be filled, making sure that the feature walls are painted per our selections, all taps, appliances etc are per our contract.
Lots had been done, and we were surprised to see that tiling had started, but having walked through the house we realise that there is actually quite a bit left to do. We think it will take a bit longer than the 4 weeks from tiling that our SS told us.

So we had a great weekend overall! Good to see family and the cute kids. And great to see the house coming along nicely.

Enjoy the pics!

 Driving up towards the house

 Side view with the sun setting in the west

The kitchen has come out nicely

Kitchen again...  

Tiling being done


Bathroom vanity 

Rear of house with bricks cleaned up

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