Friday, 28 September 2012

The heat is on...

We were reviewing our plans and getting our questions ready for our PCI when we came across an issue with the ducted heating unit.

Our sales and tender documents specified a networker controller with a heating unit that we were told could be zoned for upstairs and downstairs separately. We wanted to confirm that the correct unit had been put in with our SS, and when we asked the question, it turned out that the unit that was installed wasn't actually right for the house, nor did it agree with our sales and tender documents.

We made further enquiries with the manufacturer (Brivis), recommended installers for the Brivis unit and Carlisle (builder), and initial indications from the builder were that it was too late to change the unit and Carlisle thought that the unit was appropriate for the house. That would mean that there would be no option but to heat the entire house rather than being able to heat upstairs and downstairs separately.

After several discussions via phone calls and emails, Carlisle finally agreed to change the unit to one more appropriate for the house. At a cost of course. But we thought it was more important to get the right unit in now and not regret it in winter. Carlisle's management agreed that a unit that could be zoned would be more appropriate for this house, and to their credit, they absorbed some of the cost involved in changing the unit meaning that we only had to pay for the upgrade cost. We were told that a crane would be involved, and part of the roof would need to be lifted to change the unit and the costs for this and rework done on walls or ceiling will be taken up by Carlisle. 

The ducted heating unit is being changed to a higher efficiency zoneable unit. The controller will also be different, as the controller that was originally installed was not correct as it was not one that could control zoning. 

We've just signed and returned the building variation for this, so work should commence on changing the unit and controller next week.

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