Sunday, 9 September 2012

All tiled up

It's a bright, sun shiney day in Melbourne! We headed out to do a routine weekend check on the house.

Our street is starting to look more like a neighbourhood, with more and more houses being started or completed each time we go to see ours.

Since we found an unlocked door last weekend, we had high hopes today.

For the most part, the outside looks the same - the rendered areas still haven't been painted, and there are still a few loose roof tiles and some rough brick work. The most exciting change to the front is the garage door that has now been put in, and the colour matches the front door - Colorbond Dune.

We found a few unlocked doors today and the garage door was partially open. The front door was unlocked so we used that (for the first time!). Since we found the house unlocked, we thought we should check that everything was safe and sound.

All of the floor tiles have been laid. The skirting and some of the corners need to be tidied up. Tiling in the Bathroom, Ensuite, and Powder Room are also nearly complete, including tiling around the bath tubs, vanities, and mirrors. Feature tiles in the showers have also been laid.

Tiling almost complete. We're glad the tiles contrast with the whiteness of the walls.

Looking in from the front door. The stairs are yet to be stained.

Showers are tiled. The dark feature tiles need a good clean to get the real colour coming through.

Tiles around bath hob almost complete. They go well with the floor tiles and the vanity.

Ensuite shower with the same colour scheme as the main Bathroom.

There was also a noticeable addition, and removal, that has added a different dimension to the house. The temporary floor/ceiling that was covering the void from the front entry to the top floor has been removed, and the railings and balusters have been fitted. This has opened up the whole front of the house nicely.

With the finishings now being done to the house, we are also keeping our eyes peeled for damages to any of the surfaces, omissions, errors etc.

This hole in the wall is from the front door handle slamming into the wall.

Some of the tile joints are rough and there is still a bit of work to do to tidy the tiles up.

Stainless steel kickrails in the kitchen
Missing tiles around the bath hob. The same tiles are missing on both baths, so there must be a valid reason...

Randomly placed roof tile that doesn't seem to be doing anything.

Timber splitting on the outside of the Balcony door.

Rough finish to the mortar. We noticed this on most of the higher corners of the house.

Fireplace provision still hasn't been tiled.

Inside the fireplace provision...

Gaps in brickwork. We have to check with our indpendent inspector what the tolerance level is for this.

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