Friday, 28 September 2012

A close up peek

So far all of the problems we've identified and raised with Carlisle have been fixable. We noticed a few things on our last visit to the house, which may have been rectified during the site clean, but if not, we'll be raising them at our PCI (practical completion inspection).

Here are some pics of the issues we found:

The tap in the front yard was leaking

Guttering to be finished properly, and the seal around that tap is very messy
Uneven power points #1

Uneven power points #2. We can't comprehend how the sparky thought this was ok

Uneven power points #3. Is there any method to this madness? Not only is the spacing uneven and random, the heights at which they've been placed is all different

Gaps in the brickwork still to be sealed

Infills above the Alfresco doors to be completed. The brickwork in this area (especially in the corners) is very untidy. We're hoping it got cleaned up when the house was cleaned during the week

We have no idea why this brick is different...

Messy mortar and finishing in the top corner of the Alfresco
Gaps in the brickwork to be filled

The join between the bricks and the window frame needs further work

Guttering on the rear of the Garage roof to be completed

On the whole, the house is looking good. We managed to catch a swan swimming around in the pond. Hope it hangs around and makes a home there!

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