Sunday, 7 October 2012


We're getting closer and closer to the big day! The house is looking pretty good, but there are still a lot of things that need to get tidied up/corrected/installed before the house takes on the look that we're after.

The fencing around the perimeter of the house has been taken away and the site has had a bit of a tidy up. This is how the outside is looking from the street:

Unfortunately the tap out the front is right in the middle of the front entrance. We will have to ask our SS if it can be moved, otherwise it will really limit what we can do by way of a pathway to the front door and our front landcaping.

The gaps in the brickwork seem to have been filled/sealed:

Someone didn't get the memo...

The laundry tiling has come out nicely and the neutral colours should mean that we don't get bored with it too soon! The tiles and laminate still need to be cleaned up.

The flooring has come a long way since our last visit:

The staircase is yet to be stained, but the stair lights have been installed:

Can't wait to use this!

Our practical completion inspection (PCI) is getting closer and we're putting our list of things to check together. We'll have one inspection with our SS and independent inspector, and another one with the electricians to walk us through all of the cabling. We're hoping for smooth runs on both.

There is still a lot to organise aside from preparing for the PCI.

We've got to find out who our neighbours are (both sides and back) so we can get fencing organised. We got a couple of quotes over the weekend and need to follow these up this week.

We have to get our driveway sorted out. Again, we've got a few quotes and need to organise this.

We need to find out what other council requirements there are (eg getting our waste bins), organise a mail box, get our phone line up and running, a few more quotes for window furnishing.... the list goes on and on. And then there's packing and moving out of our apartment.

The lead up to Christmas is going to be busy!

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