Saturday, 20 October 2012

Electrical Walk-through

We're getting towards the end of the building process now. It's really exciting, but it feels like there is more to do now than there was during the planning and construction phases.

We scheduled an electrical walk-through with Argus Technologies on Friday 12 October. We also arranged for the installer of our security system to meet us on site so that the electrician from Argus could show him how everything had been pre-wired.

The inspection went well, and most of the things that our installer was looking for were in good order.

There were several issues though, and we noted these to be discussed with our SS during our practical-completion inspection (PCI):
  • Heights and distances between wall outlets (power points etc) were uneven and looked very untidy throughout the house. We were told that the uneven spacing was due to having to find studs in the wall to fix them to. But that didn't explain the varying heights.

  • We are getting our smoke detectors hard-wired to our alarm system, so that if they are set off, we can get mobile notification. This means switching the standard smoke detectors over to something that is compatible with our alarm system. The house has to be handed over with the smoke detectors working, so we will have to get the smoke detectors and alarm system installed and working prior to moving in. Our contact at Argus is happy for us to arrange this.
  • Several of the LED light fittings weren't fixed properly, so there were gaps between them and the ceiling. Another point noted for PCI.
  • Some of the light circuits and switches deviated from the plan, to the extent that the main light in the entrance hall didn't have a switch at all.
  • Our Argus rep showed us that the speaker cables that we've got wired back to the Garage have been cut. They will all have to be lengthened again in order for us to be able to use them. Another point for our SS.
  • There were a few power points, light switches, and cat-6 cables that hadn't been placed correctly or pulled through the wall.
We finished off our inspection with some notes for our SS. We also confirmed our requirements with our security system installer.

PCI was coming up after the weekend, on Monday 15 October.

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