Saturday, 20 October 2012

Prep for PCI

Our practical-completion inspection (PCI) was booked for 15 October with our SS. We had arranged the day off work, and were looking forward to being given an official tour of the house.

We spent a couple of weeks preparing for our PCI. We did a bit of research on forums and blogs to get an idea of the sorts of things to look for in addition to the usual things. We also made a room-by-room list of each thing to check and confirm. The list was about 15 pages in total! But many of the points were similar for each room.

We also made a list of the things to take - camera, measuring tape, rags, a small level etc.

By the weekend, we felt that we were ready for PCI. However, it didn't seem like the house was ready for us!

We had an electrical walk-through the Friday before PCI, and the house was still dirty with tools, paint, and debris all over the place.

We sent an email to our SS at about midday, after our walk-through, and wanted to confirm if our PCI would still be taking place considering the house was a mess and we wouldn't be able to inspect it properly. Our SS replied, saying that he was on leave, but that he had booked a clean on Thursday, and obviously the cleaners hadn't turned up.

We visited the house again on Saturday, to meet a fencer out there, and peered through the windows to see if any cleaning had been done. Nope, still not done.

We were getting a little stressed at that point, wondering if we would turn up on Monday for no reason. We had also booked an independent inspector to come and do a 'pre-handover' inspection, and he would be charging us whether he could do his inspection or not.

We didn't go out to the house on Sunday, so we would just have to see what greeted us at our scheduled PCI time of 8am on Monday...

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