Sunday, 22 July 2012

Frame Stage Inspection Outcome

Carlisle agreed to fix all of the defects that our inspector identified at the frame stage inspection.

Our SS advised that all items would be rectified prior to plastering the walls. There were three things in particular that were concerning us, mostly because they had the potential to cause structural defects in the next few years.

One of the items was that the foundation had not been trimmed back to the timber frame correctly, which can cause drainage issues as water collects in the timber frame.

The second item was that the vapour barriers had not been placed correctly, which again could lead to moisture building in the frame. This also affects the termite barrier, which also needs to be fixed up.

The third item was the gas piping that was placed incorrectly prior to brickwork being done, which could lead to inadequate drainage and build up of excessive moisture.

We had booked in a Pre-plaster Inspection with New Home Inspections, and they confirmed that they would check that all items identified during the Frame Stage Inspection would also be checked on, to make sure they were rectified.

Our Pre-plaster Inspection was done later that week...

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