Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Update from the 'Experts'...

Our CLE and SS confirmed that they will fix all of the faults identified in the Frame Stage Inspection Report to the standard advised by our inspector. That was refreshing to hear and our inspector was pleased as well.

There were a few other issues that we were made aware of today though.

1. The staircase that was drawn up and included in our plans won't fit in the designated space. As soon as the CLE called and said 'there's a problem with the staircase' we thought the worst. The staircase is supposed to be a feature of the hallway, so we didn't want anything to ruin the look we were going for.

It turned out that the problem wasn't that bad. We will basically lose one of the four bottom stairs, which won't really alter the look of the hallway.

We're waiting to get the updated building variation and drawings so that we can get a visual on the changes.

2. One of the voids for the evaporative cooling vents needs to be extended, which means we'll lose a bit of space in one of our walk-in-robes. Again, not a big deal, as the extension of the void is only an extra 15mm.

3. Our electrical contractors were on-site roughing in the cabling today, and we got a call at lunch time from one of the guys. He seemed a little panicked, and got us even more panicked.

We've put a lot of time and effort into our electrical plans and cable schedule, and had several meetings with the smart wiring company to make sure everything was on track. The phone call alerted us to some 'issues' that they were having trying to figure out how to cable certain things, where to run the cables from, and how much length to leave at the ends.

We thought this was really strange and would have expected them to have done their homework before setting foot on site. And here they are asking us, two accountants, how to do the wiring correctly!

Needless to say, we shot off an email to our SS and CLE advising them of the conversation we had just had with one of the sparkies. Our SS replied and said he had spoken with them as well. And then the sparkies' boss sent us an email saying that 'he is on top of it' and will be on-site on Thursday doing a walk-through with a sparky on hand to make sure things are as they should be. Fingers crossed they get it right.

Because of the cabling issues, our SS has pushed our plastering out to next week Monday (instead of this week Friday). We're not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

It's good to the extent that it is critical for the cabling to be done correctly before the walls are plastered. The bad part of it is that the cabling will be left uncovered over the weekend...

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