Sunday, 15 July 2012

Frame Stage Inspection

We had our first independent inspection conducted by New Home Inspections last Monday.   

The frame stage inspection covered things that we wouldn't have been able to pick up ourselves, mostly in relation to the frame, slab, and gas piping. We weren't able to attend the inspection because it was too difficult to arrange time off work, but it turns out that we didn't really need to be there anyway. We tried to make sure that our SS would be there to meet the inspector, but he said that he usually doesn't attend these inspections.

Our inspector sent us a comprehensive report with photos and references to building regulations and statutes, as well as a detailed email of what we needed to do. We got this on the afternoon of the day the inspection was done. We were quite pleased with the promptness, given the level of detail in the report.

There were 13 items to be rectified. We've provided the main points below which may be of help to others who are building.

1. Floor Slab
The polyethylene vapour barrier from beneath the concrete floor slab has not been turned upthe external side faces of its edge beams prior to them being back filled up against, which
will allow moisture ingress via slab edge dampness into the internal timber wall skins and/or
the floor coverings.

2. Floor Slab
The edges of the floor slab have not been correctly boxed up prior to being poured, which
has resulted in it protruding out past the pine wall frames to the front setback wall of the
Lounge, to along the side of the Theatre and to the left hand side wall of the meals onto the
alfresco area by up to 30mm which will significantly reduce the required 40mm cavity width
across to the back of the brickwork and compromise its ability to drain any water and
moisture that collects in it away from the timber wall framing.

3. Frame Items
The stud supporting the right hand end of the front garage door openings roof beam continue down into the lower rebate of the floor slab. The problem with this present construction is that the end of this stud will be located below the finished ground level and driveway at the completion of construction, which will lead it to develop timber rot over time. The bottom of which has been wrapped in polyethylene.

4. Frame Items
The timber framing of the parapet walls across the front of the Garage, Balcony and the
Activity which is to have brickwork tied back to them, contain no lateral restraint or bracing
to keep them securely into their vertical position.

5. Frame Items
The bottom plates under the upper level concentration of load and jamb studs to the side
wall of the Activity have not been blocked down onto and through the lower wall frames.

6. Frame Items
There has not been a web stiffener installed to the HyJoist that runs parallel to the load-
bearing wall under the roof point load from above to the side wall of the Ensuite as required
by the HyJoist manufacturer’s installation instructions, which will need to be rectified.

7. Frame Items
There has been a gas pipe with an approximate outer dimension of 35mm installed along the outside face of the timber stud wall down side wall of the Lounge, which will effectively
reduce the required cavity width to the brickwork back to only 5mm and compromise its
ability to drain any water or moisture that collects in it away from the timber framing.

8. Frame Items
The roof beams across the Alfresco area have not been tied to the wall studs and plates,
which in turn have not been tied down to the concrete slab to enable it to resist the wind
uplift loads.

9. Frame Items
The top plate in the side wall of the Lounge has had holes of aproximately 50mm drilled
through its centre for the installation of the Hot Water pipes.

10. Frame Items
The tails of the bottom jack rafters are unsupported and the fascia that is fitted to them is
non-structural and therefore has no capacity to pick up and/or support them. The ends of
these rafters must be properly supported off the framework.

11. Frame Items
The double girder trusses over the Master and WIR areas have only been nailed together from 400 up to 900mm centres along its chords.

12. Frame Items
The wall frames to under the Bedroom 3 & 4 window openings need to be re-instated.

13. Approved Engineering Design Issues
There were several items related to the 'heavy duty angles fitted to the beam connections'. The inspector advised that all of these items will need to be re-constructed on site to reflect the designed requirements of the approved drawings or otherwise re-computated and certified by the original design engineer. The original building permit may also need to be amended by the relevant Building Surveyor to reflect the changes to the original approved drawings.

Now to send the report to Carlisle.

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