Monday, 2 July 2012

Frame update

This is what greeted us during our visit to the site over the weekend:

We can now really see the makings of our home. Framing is almost complete downstairs, and upstairs is on its way.

Now that there is more structure to the walls and ceiling, it's a lot easier to make out the different rooms and start picturing room sizes and the layout.

The windows have also been delivered and are sitting there waiting to be put in:


From the front door looking in:

Fireplace Provision:

Living Area:

Powder Room, Walk-in-Pantry, Walk-in-Laundry Frames:

Framing is continuing today, and our site supervisor said they should be finished tomorrow, with the aim to get the roof started next Monday.

We've got our first independent inspection coming up next week for the frame stage. Fingers crossed that it goes smoothly with no problems.

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  1. How very exciting. It's really moving now for you guys. Fingers crossed for inspection :)