Sunday, 22 July 2012

Pre-Plaster Inspection

Our Pre-plaster Inspection took place on Thursday. We managed to get out there and meet with our inspector.

The inspection seemed to have gone quite well, and the inspector said that, on the whole, he was impressed with the quality of the construction.

There were a few things he identified in his report though. He said that they were things that needed to be fixed, but weren't too serious.

He also checked on the oustanding items from the Frame Stage Inspection. There were a few things that hadn't been fixed up, which was quite disappointing. And all of the items that were concerned about (detailed in the previous post) had not been fixed up.

Here are the items that were identified at the Pre-plaster Inspection:

Outstanding Items from Frame Stage Inspection:

  • The polyethylene vapour barrier beneath the concrete slab has not been turned up the external side faces of its edge beams prior to them being back filled up against, which will allow moisture ingress via slab edge dampness into the internal timber wall skins and/or the floor coverings.
  • The edges of the floor slab have not been correctly boxed up prior to being poured, which has resulted in it protruding out past the pine wall frames.
  • The tails of the bottom jack rafters are unsupported and the fascia that is fitted to them is non-structural and therefore have no capacity to pick up and/or support them. The ends of these rafters must be properly supported off the framework.
New Items from Pre-plaster Inspection:
  • The concrete slab has been cut through and the pipework for the Powder Room has been moved up to approximately 300mm. This work should have required an inspection by the Builder Surveyor on the reinstatement of the mesh prior to being repoured.
  • The chipboard sheet flooring to the first floor to within the areas from the WIR2 across the house to Bed3 have not been supported at the joins and do not contain the plastic tongues between them to support these joins.
  • Various sections of the house where piping is <10mm out of plumb, and this is outside the tolerance level of the relevant building standards.
We've sent the Report on to our CLE and are waiting for their response.

We've also requested copies of the inspection certificate and reports that were done by Carlisle's inspectors as our inspector has suggested.

Let's hope they agree to fix everything.

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