Sunday, 8 July 2012


We are having our first independent inspection done today (frame stage inspection) by New Home Inspections. We've read a bit about them and are hoping they can pick up on things that we wouldn't have been able to.

Our SS has advised that the frame stage is complete, roof trusses are on and secured, and roof tiling was meant to have started this morning.

Looking forward to seeing the inspection report.

We still haven't met our SS and would like to, just to put a face to the name at the very least. He has advised that he usually meets his clients once the plaster has gone on so that we can see the house taking shape and talk about the internal fittings etc. Ideally we would have liked to meet him earlier on in the process, so that we could become more familiar with his role and more confident that the build was going to plan. Anyway, things are happening pretty quickly so we will arrange to meet him soon. Pity that we still have to do all the running around though. It would be nice for some of the contact to be initiated by the builders and SS for a change.

More pics coming shortly with frame stage updates ...

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