Sunday, 17 June 2012


One of the main areas that we wanted guidance in from our Design Consultant was tiling in the bathroom, ensuite, and powder room. Not so much the floor tiles, but the vanity and feature tiles.

Examples of some of the display bathrooms and ensuites we'd been to gave us some good ideas:

So we spent almost a full day at Beaumont Tiles picking out different colour schemes and seeing what sort of feature tiles we could put together. The entire range in their showroom is labelled so that you can see which tiles fall into the different ranges (standard vs upgrade) that the builder provides.

The staff are quite helpful, and you can be left alone to try out different things without them following you around. They also have a really handy simulation program that lets you try out different looks in different rooms. We wrote down the item codes of the tiles we liked, and were able to look them up again on Beaumont Tiles' website.

We also went out and had another look at Boral for bricks, Monier for tiles, and Cesarstone for the kitchen bench.

By this time we had also made another colour selections appointment, with a different Design Consultant, and we felt more confident with our choices.

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  1. The bathroom in the last picture looks absolutely gorgeous! It has class, elegance, and comfort all in one! Well, the warm welcome of the staff seemingly made your day, and it’s clear that they provide excellent quality customer service. Those are some winning qualities in a company. After all, it can be annoying at times when a saleslady follows you where ever you go and constantly nags you to buy a product.

    Alana Geikie