Saturday, 23 June 2012


After selecting our colours and internal items, we turned our attention back to electricals, and worked on this until we got to our tender appointment.

Our tender appointment went well, although the Client Liaison Executive (CLE) that we had thought that it was going to a be a long, tough day. The people at Carlisle really had their work cut out for them throughout the whole process, because we didn't just accept everything that they wanted to include in (or omit from) the contract. So we kept them busy, but that also meant that we were flat out trying to make sure we thought about every little (and big) thing that went into the home.

We finalised our colour selections and were happy with them all. We spoke about our electrical requirements, which still hadn't been sorted out. If you've read our Electricals page, you'll have a better understanding of why Carlisle couldn't provide what we wanted and why they sent us to their electrical 'experts'.

We had also discussed a few minor structural changes over email with our CLE, and these were all pencilled onto our plans and included in the tender.

Overall, we compromised on a few cosmetic things, but stuck with the changes that were more important and functional. There are a couple of indulgences in there but overall, we'd like to think that what we've added will make the house a comfortable, practical home.

At the end of the day, we had basically had a tender that included everything we wanted, except for a few structural changes, and most of our electricals.

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