Monday, 25 June 2012

Site Start!!

We got a call from our CLE a couple of weeks after sending in the signed contracts advising us that they were about to start on our site.

A couple of days later, our Site Supervisor (SS) called to introduce himself. It was a Thursday afternoon. He said that they were looking to pour the slab by the end of the following week.

How excited were we!!

We headed out to see our block on the Saturday and saw that the site scrape had been done, and we could make out the shape of the ground floor perimeter.

Site scrape - front view

Site scrape - rear view

We were really excited just by seeing this.

We spent most of the weekend thinking about the house and picturing different rooms and how we wanted them to look. And then we realised that our house has actually started. And things would move fast.

Back to planning mode - more phone calls, emails, and driving around...

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