Monday, 25 June 2012

Nothing more to do

More than a year after we started the process of looking at blocks of land, house designs, bricks, tiles, carpets and taps, we were finally at a place where all our hard work and perseverence was contained in a few bound documents.

It's a strange feeling getting to this point, because all of a sudden the one thing that took up every spare minute we had was suddenly all done and dusted.

After sending back the signed contract, we still looked through the documents, just in case we picked up on any errors.

We raised two more queries with our CLE. We requested for our glass splashback to be in one piece, and we wanted to confirm that the toilets we were getting were of a standard size. We didn't really spend too much time looking at the toilet options when at Spectra, because we assumed that we would be getting something of a standard size. We just confirmed that what was in the display homes was what we would be getting.

So there was really nothing more for us to do in relation to design and selections. It was now up to Carlisle and the contractors to do their thing...

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