Monday, 25 June 2012


Our SS called again the following week to let us know that the slab would be poured on Thursday. Gosh, things really were moving fast!

We went out the following Saturday, and this is what greeted us:

We could see our Garage, our front porch, the little extension for the fireplace provision, and the Alfresco. It's pretty exciting to see it coming up before your very eyes after so many long nights and weekends planning.

It was great to see the other houses coming up around us as well - our future neighbours. I wonder if we'll have any street parties! And it was also good to know that there are some other double storey homes coming up.

Within a few days we had site start and the base stage completed.

We got a call from our SS the following Monday and he confirmed that the frame stage was due to start the following week, with completion estimated by the end of the week after.

But before we got to that stage (which also happens to be current day, so our blog is finally in real time), we had a large invoice to pay to Carlisle.

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