Saturday, 16 June 2012

The house we thought we wanted

There was a particular display home that caught our eye early on in our search, and although we hadn't decided it was 'the one', we did notice that we kept going back to it.

It was Metricon's Addison 38 in Saltwater Coast. It ticked all the boxes in terms of layout, and would sit nicely on our block. It was double storey with 4 bedrooms and an activity area upstairs, and open plan living downstairs, including a study, nice sized kitchen, walk in pantry, and the potential for a theatre room.

But what appealed most to us about this particular house was the choice of facade and colour scheme. It's what I call a very 'pretty' house:

After a few more trips to display villages and some discussions with the sales guy at Saltwater Coast, we decided to bite the bullet and put ourselves down to purchase the Addison 38 with Plantation facade.

There was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing that followed. Firstly, although we really liked this house, it was a huge decision for us being first time buyers/builders, and choosing a house just felt so final. Secondly, we had a million questions for the sales guy, and there were many weeks, if not months, of emails, phone calls, and meetings at the sales centre so that we could get our questions answered. We got to the point of having initial plans drafted and the house drawn up so we could see how it would sit on our land.

In the lead up to all of this, hubby and I (ok, mostly hubby) were reading up on all of the other things involved in building a new home - from electrical considerations to energy requirements, landscaping ideas to insulation needs, and everything in between.

The wealth of knowledge we built up, together with the information gathered through the sales process, opened us up to even more questions. And doubt...

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