Sunday, 24 June 2012

Contract Signing

In true form with the rest of the process, contract signing did not go smoothly.

Some time between our post-contract variations and our actual contract, our CLE changed.

We received our documents in the mail - we were very excited and waited to get home from work and settle down on the couch before we opened the big envelope. We started to go through each document carefully, but it didn't take long for us to notice that there were errors, again. We kept going, Post-it Tabs at the ready, and marked up all of the errors. There were qutite a few.

We called our CLE promptly the next morning. We tried to be nice about it (but made sure she knew that we were getting frustrated) and to her credit she was very understanding. We talked about the errors over the phone, but then we decided that we would need to go back to Carlisle and sort everything out face to face. That would be the only way to get the contract resolved.

Our land was sitting pretty and we wanted to put a house on it!

So we requested a meeting with our CLE. By the time we got an appointment, it was early May.

We sat down with our CLE and her team leader for a few hours and used our marked up version of the original contract to explain each and every item that needed to be fixed. There were a few more issues that our CLE raised that they had never mentioned before (like the fireplace provision that they had quoted us for and drawn up was actually not what we were getting... go figure!).

There was no paperwork to sign at this meeting - we all thought it would be best if Carlisle updated everything and sent us all of the final documents to sign.

A few days later, we received the final contract documents. Of course we went through every little detail again, but this time we were actually able to sign everything off and send it back to Carlisle.

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