Saturday, 16 June 2012

Single or double?

So now we've got the land, what are we going to put on it?

Selecting our plot was only half of the decision. Choosing a house presents many more challenges. At first it was difficult to know if we should choose a builder based on their reputation, and then choose a floor plan from their range, or to choose a floor plan first which would itself decide on which builder we would be going with.

During our search for land, we stopped off at various display home centres in the north, west, and south east, and started to get some ideas of what we were after. Those display homes are so nicely presented and they give you so many ideas. The problem is that they also include a lot of upgrades and really present an unrealistic picture of what you actually get from the builder.

Before we started looking at floor plans in detail, our basic criteria for the house were as follows:
View of Melbourne CBD from Point Cook
  • 4 bedrooms
  • Study
  • Good sized kitchen
  • Decent living areas
  • Room for a vege patch in the back yard
It turns out that all of the above are pretty standard features in most houses.

We also had to think about whether we wanted a single storey or double storey home, and the dimensions that our block would allow.

After the first few weekends out at display home villages, we discovered that the use of floor space in the single storey homes was impressive, but we decided that our preference would be to build a double storey home. There were so many options, so we just stuck to that decision and ran with it.

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