Sunday, 24 June 2012

Post-contract Variations

Our Tender signing appointment was just before the Christmas break, so things quietened down a bit for a few weeks while we got through the Christmas/New Year period.

In mid-January, our land settled. That was exciting as the developer had delayed titling for a few months.

Towards the end of January our CLE got back in touch with us to arrange our Contract appoinment.

Over the Christmas break we worked on our electricals and had an appointment with Argus Technologies. The electrical plans were coming together nicely and were pretty much ready to go when our CLE called. Some of the things we discussed with Argus Technologies impacted our building contract with Carlisle, so we had to make a few more amendments (such as sound insulation to the Theatre Room, and shifting the Return Air vent out of the Theatre).

So there were more emails to/from our CLE. And after so many checks of the Tender documents, we were still finding errors and omissions. We typed up all of the problems and sent a long email to our CLE. After a few more emails and phone calls, we finally felt like all of the changes and confirmations we requested had finally been addressed.

These changes were included in our Post Contract Variations document. There was nearly 3 pages of variations - some of them were clarifications for things that were inconsistent between the different documents, and others were things that Carlisle had omitted.

After signing off on the variations, Carlisle said that they would post us all final contract documents, including the engineering plans, colour schematics, colour selections, tender, and variations.

We waited about 6 weeks or so for these to come through because the engineering drawings weren't finalised...

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